Proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) provides wineries with an intuitive all-in-one solution to sell wine online and capitalize on a busy post-pandemic holiday shopping season

AUBURN, Ala., Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 2021 holiday shopping season is well underway, creating unique opportunities for businesses adapting to new e-commerce models in the wake of the pandemic. Some wineries see as high as 40% of yearly revenue earned in the fourth quarter. Xüdle, a comprehensive cloud-based software for wineries, makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations in-person and online.

Xüdle Software Enables Data-Driven Decisions

The wine industry is still recovering from an abrupt shift to online sales – a shift that’s expected to stay. In fact, for a lot of wineries, the online store is what kept their business alive during one of the most trying times of our generation. “Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a massive shift to online sales and reservations. What once was the least performing Direct to Consumer (DTC) sales channel for a winery quickly became the most significant,” said Ragan Erickson, President at Xüdle. “Not only does Xüdle make selling wine and booking reservations online easy, it offers a breadth of powerful tools to optimize wine businesses based on data.”

“One of the major benefits we hear from our customers every day is the relief of the all-in-one system – the channels talk to each other, so everyone is making decisions based on a single source of information,” Erickson noted.

With that peace of mind in place, wine businesses can stick to what they do best – selling wine through an unforgettable experience. Erickson shared three ways Xüdle is helping wineries sell more this holiday season:

  1. Some of Xüdle customers see over 80% of their revenue coming from Wine Club Members alone. Xüdle offers Wine Club member metrics to learn from and cater to behavior, and best leverage a wine brand’s primary revenue source.
  2. Xüdle winery software can pinpoint other high/low performing areas, to simply see where to focus efforts – ideal for businesses projecting low returns for OND (October November, December).
  3. With Xüdle’s e-commerce solution, guests can make purchases online, update their contact information, and book reservations. Having insight on customers’ interactions empowers wineries to tailor experiences.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences Starts With Seamless Service

Maintaining and growing online sales requires experienced and user-friendly systems. Xüdle winery software cracked the code on both ends – then, automated the process for a comprehensive solution that’s ready to improve business operations:

  • Wine club metrics
  • Automatic batch billing
  • Member access
  • Customized shipments
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Website integration

“COVID-19 continues to place uncertainty on in-person experiences,” said Erickson. “But something we know for sure is that holiday demand is always high. Having reliable software to meet customers wherever they want to do business is critical to never missing a beat in your revenue stream. And, using real-time insights to tap into your customer base behavior is the best way to drive larger purchase values and quantity over time.”

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