Black Friday is just around the corner, launching wineries across the nation into the busiest month of the year. With online order processing, shipping fulfillment and customer service taking over every waking hour during the last month of the year, the thought of taking large bulk orders might just send you over the edge. That’s where Xüdle can help.

Take a look at our top three tips for maximizing your end-of-year sales through Corporate Gifting.

Step 1: Plan your Marketing (it’s not too late)

  • We recommend starting your communication about corporate gifting immediately. And don’t worry, it’s not too late.
  • Your communication should include Social, Email, Website, and Tasting Room collateral.
  • Corporate gifting includes multiple steps; most notably, requiring the contact information and shipping address for the gift receivers. We recommend including a blog post, PDF with instructions, or a website help page devoted to your procedures.

Step 2: Plan Your Sales Execution

  • Decide how you want your customers to communicate their order information. We recommend a custom webform on your website. However, you can simply request for your customer to reach out via email or phone. In fact, we’ve made it very easy – after you take the initial call, simply email them our import spreadsheet to complete and send back.
  • A custom webform can be created quickly. View our sample here. If you would like a quote to have Xüdle assist, please email us here. Our turnaround time is quick – usually 1-2 days.

Corporate Gift Webform Example

Step 3: Understand the Xüdle Procedure

  • After you receive the order, submit the excel file to Please allow 1-3 business days for the orders to be generated.
  • Read through our help article to fully understand the process.
  • Reach out to with any questions.

Don’t allow the logistics of processing a large corporate order to overwhelm you, let us help! But hurry, the last day to ship ground for the holidays is December 15th.

Happy Holidays from Xüdle