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Quick Service POS for Wineries

Built for the fast-paced, quick-service restaurant in mind, Xüdle’s Restaurant tool is complete with the following:

Fire Food Orders to the Kitchen Printer

Assign food products to certain kitchen printers as well as specify print color for improved efficiencies.

Menu Modifications

Hold the tomatoes! No problemo. It’s easy to set up categories of food modifiers so you can give your guests the meal they are expecting.

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Pay Upfront or at the End of the Meal

Whether your business model is to pay at the counter or later at the end of the meal, it’s easy to complete with the Xüdle Restaurant module.

Apply Member Discounts

Do you offer one discount off wine and another off food? No problem – with Xüdle’s robust discounting tools, you can easily set discounts based on product type or customer type.

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