Is Your Tasting Room Ready for your summer selling season?

Ramping up for the busy season is always fun – but often times optimizing your POS is overlooked over the hustle and bustle of every other task. To make sure your tasting room team is set up for success, check out our 5 point checklist for POS optimization.

1. Hardware & Network For best X-POS performance, confirm your internet connection is reliable and optimized and you are running the latest app version. We recommend (where possible) providing guests separate WiFi network access to avoid network slowdown and performance issues.

2. Products and X-POS Favorites When was the last time you updated your X-POS favorites? Are you preparing for an upcoming release? Update your X-POS Favorites to reduce checkout times on a busy weekend in the tasting room by keeping your most popular items on the X-POS home screen.

3. X-POS Discounts Confirm all discounts offered through your tasting room are still active. Selecting the X-POS Use Only box in the discount setup will populate the discount in the Discounts menu of the X-POS.

4. Gratuity If your gratuity policy has changed, you can easily enable or disable gratuity acceptance from the X-POS Settings menu under Payment Terminal. While you are updating your settings, make sure to confirm your preferences and manager permissions in the X-POS Register Settings.

5. Club Signups The wine club kiosk is a custom URL that allows you to go paperless for club signups. Because this is a URL and not an app, you can use any tablet with an internet connection. We recommend an inexpensive device you can hand over to the customer. This keeps your X-POS devices available for processing transactions. Don’t know your custom URL? Just contact us.

Looking for a contactless club signup option? Create a QR code for your webstore club signup page. This allows your customers to scan and sign up without handling any devices. Google Chrome has a quick QR create option in the address bar, or you can utilize any number of custom QR code generators out there. Create, print, and place on your tables and bar.

As always, collaboration with our clients is how we innovate and improve the system. If you need additional training, have product suggestions or just want to chat, make sure to reach out to and we can schedule a free call.

Not a Xudle client? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can elevate your guest experience without elevating your workload.