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Wine Club Software Lose the Stress, Increase the Sales

Wine Club Members are your biggest asset in terms of revenue. In fact, some of our customers are seeing over 80% of their revenue coming from Wine Club Members alone. However, keeping this revenue not only stable but growing requires experienced systems. Keep reading to find out how we’ve cracked the code and automated the process, allowing you to make money while you sleep.

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Our Xüdle experts take you on a detailed tour of Wine Club management within the Xüdle system.

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Wine Club Metrics Matter

The Xüdle wine club software gives you easy access to critical wine club member metrics that can completely change the way you run your business. Do you know what any given member is worth to you? Do you know which Tasting Room server has the best wine club member signup rate? How much more do your wine club members spend than your guest customers? We know this info and so should you – without having to run a dozen sales reports.

Automatic Batch Billing

The Xüdle wine club software allows you to batch bill your clubs automatically. So long are the days of nail biting as you pressed the Submit button on your wine club management tool. With Xüdle’s wine club scheduler you specify the shipment, schedule the bill date, and then go on to other tasks – like selling wine. On the day of the shipment, it’s just a matter of printing labels and fulfilling orders. We love automation.

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Member Access

Your members can update their crucial information online without contacting you! That’s right, members have access to their account profile and can manage their wine club subscription through your website. They simply log in, edit their information, hit save, and your records are updated instantly. Much faster and more efficient than trying to decode handwriting on a paper form or chatting on the phone.

Customized Shipments

Do you allow your members to customize their wine club orders? No problem! You can specify what wines in the shipment are required or can be exchanged. Choose the wines that are available, then members take care of customizing their orders all on their own.

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Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of conversations you had with wine club members to help improve your relationships. Did the member mention their favorite wine, name of their pet, or favorite vacation spot? Jot it down.


Xüdle helps you automate your wine club by scheduling certain emails to be sent out – like an expired credit card notification or an upcoming shipment announcement. Customize these emails however you would like to make sure your members are getting the most up-to-date information about your winery.

Improve Communication with Tasting Room Staff

Have something to tell your Tasting Room server about a specific member? Just leave an internal Cashier Note and the server will see the note when they are in the member account!

Task Tracker

Never miss a task again. Keep track of upcoming to-do’s by scheduling notes within a members’ account. It’s simple, set the task, place a reminder date and hit save.

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