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Reservation System for Winery Events & Tastings

Accept tasting reservations or sell tickets to your events. Whether cooking classes or member appreciation dinners, the Xüdle Reservation tool will make the management of ticket sales and RSVP’s a cinch. And never oversell again – whether selling online or in the Tasting Room, events and tastings are deducted from the same inventory pool!

Events and Reservations Overview

Our Xüdle experts take you on a detailed tour of the Xüdle Events & Reservations module.

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Integrated Inventory

Sell event tickets online and through your POS. With Xüdle’s integrated inventory management, ticket sales are real-time so you never oversell an event.

Guest List Management

Whether selling concert tickets or accepting reservations for a member pick up party, Xüdle collects guest information so you have a real-time guest list.

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Ticket Price Differentiation

VIP tickets? General Admission? No problem. With Xüdle’s ticket options, you can set price based on customer type, wine club level or any other requirement.

Recurring Events

For businesses that host recurring events such as guided tours or private tastings, our Recurring Event feature will save you loads of administrative time. We even include black out dates.

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