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The Problem

The Xüdle Solution

Winery Direct to Consumer software is fragmented. Today a winery may utilize up to 5 different systems to manage their DTC sales. This is where Xüdle enters.
A single view of your customer sales all in one location.


The Xüdle winery e-commerce platform is a set of robust commerce tools designed to improve your customer experience and sell more wine. Cloud-based and built with the wine club model in mind, our dynamic promotional tools, intelligent reporting & built in auto-responders can greatly improve your efficiencies. Best of all, sync with other revenue centers to view the total sales of your whole winery.

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Mobile POS

Xüdle Mobile POS allows you to process orders on the fly. Whether your wine servers are roaming your tasting room to collect orders or you are processing orders at an off-site event, our cloud-based, affordable mobile POS gives you the flexibility you need to process in-person sales on the go.

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Wine Club

It's a no brainer that wine clubs increase customer loyalty and drive sales. That's why our Wine Club Software is built around the club business model; making it easy to setup and manage club programs, incentives and members. Best feature: it's automated.

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Point of Sale

The Xüdle goal is to provide your winery with a single view of the customer. Wouldn't you love to view your dashboard and see the total sales for any given Wine Club Member whether they placed an order Online, through your Wine Club or in your Tasting Room?
With the Xüdle - Microworks POS integration you can have it all.

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Tasting Room

For startup Wineries, purchasing software can be costly and overwhelming. That's why we have created an all-on-one, low cost package specific to a startup wine business looking to run a Virtual Tasting Room.

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Tasting Room

So long are the days of paper Wine Club signup forms. Purchase an Android tablet or iPad device and let your guests digitally register for your Wine Club either in your Tasting Room or off-site event with the Xüdle Tasting Room app. In just 3 easy steps your guests can register for a wine club and start receiving member benefits immediately. Bye-bye data entry.

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Tastings, Tours & Events

Accept reservations or sell tickets to winery events through our winery-focused, cloud-based Reservations System. Whether tasting tickets, winery tours, vineyard tours, cooking classes or member appreciation dinners, the Xüdle Reservation tool will make the management of ticket sales and RSVP's a cinch. No per transaction fee, no monthly fees - can't get much better than that.

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& Design

We understand that each winery has a unique story to tell. Let us help you make a creative, engaging and lasting impression for your brand. All of our solutions are developed to drive more business to your online initiatives. Whether we design a custom website, set up branded email templates, create ads or printed material or assist with website content optimization, our unique, sales-driven approach merges the best of quality design with powerful goal oriented sales strategy.

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Xüdle Client Case Study

Ponte Winery:
Temecula, California

Ponte Winery opened its door in the early summer of 2004. Located in the heart of Temecula wine country they soon became known as one of the best destinations in Southern California not only for their wine but for their friendly staff, beautiful facility and incredible restaurant. Ponte Winery hired us to manage their website and improve their online reach through Search Engine Optimization. The type of service we provided quickly changed after attending several of their marketing meetings.

We learned there was fragmentation in their sales data and it was difficult to make educated marketing decisions. Their sales were coming in through three different systems - resulting in skewed inventory, manual data entry and labor-intensive reporting. Plus, the sales force had no idea of customer order history or favorites which devastated their ability to upsell both in person and online.

Ponte Winery was ultimately in search of a technology solution to streamline their Tasting Room, Wine Club, and Online sales. Enter Xüdle. The winery, a longtime customer of Microworks for their Tasting Room Point of Sale and Wine Club software realized the only missing link was the interface with their 3rd party e-commerce site. They needed a 2-way interface where data would both flow up from Microworks and down from e-commerce.

Since they began using our cloud based solution the winery can manage their inventory, sales, and customer data in a single location. This solution has also given their Wine Club Members the ability to log in and manage their own account - changing credit card information, shipping address and more, which has greatly reduced their administrative costs. We check this one off as a win-win.

"Xüdle has proven time and time again to be a goal-oriented company who has our best interest at heart. Their turnkey product has improved our efficiencies and has grown our sales. I'm now able to segment my marketing by customer sales data which has greatly improved our email campaign ROI. And the fact that members can manage their Wine Club account information online has reduced the time it takes us to collect declined or expired cards and streamlined our guests' experience.
In today's world of constant credit card fraud, some guests are leery to provide personal info over the phone or email. Giving them an easy and secure online venue to update their sensitive information allows us to give the security our members are looking for. We're very happy with the decision we made to go with them many years ago."

-Elyse Barton, Wine Club and Online Store Manager, Ponte Winery

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Ponte Winery

Ponte Winery